Foreign Economic Activity

Minsk Oblast carries out active foreign trade and occupies one of the leading places among other oblasts of the republic.

Foreign trade turnover of the oblast increased in 2003-2008 from $2985.7 million to $10,492.8 million, export of goods increased from $1754.1 million to $6429.3 million.

Excess of cost indexes of export over import led to formation of a positive balance of foreign trade. And if in 2003 it amounted at $522,5 million, then on the results of 2008 this figure rose to $2,365.8 million.

 Turnover with the CIS countries in 2003-2008 increased in 2,9 times and amounted to $4598.1 million.

The main trading partner of Minsk Oblast is the Russian Federation: it accounts for 34% of the total foreign trade turnover on the result of 2008. The turnover with Russia in 2003-2008 increased 2,5 times and amounted to $3602.6 million, while export increased 2,2 times.

The Oblast carries out active trade with the non-CIS countries.

In 2003-2008 the turnover increased 4 times and amounted at $5894.7, export increased 4 times and amounted at $4305.8 million.

The volume of foreign trade of goods as a whole (including oil and petroleum products) in 2008 amounted at $10,492.8 million, or 167,6% in comparison to 2007, including export - $6429.3 million (175.4%), import - $4,063.5 million (156.5%). The balance of foreign trade of goods had a surplus and totaled $2,365.8 million (in 2007 - $1067.9 million U.S.)

Out of the total export Russia got 20.8%, other CIS countries - 12,3%, the EU countries - 23,5%, other non-CIS countries - 43,4%. Import from Russia amounted to 55,8%, other CIS countries - 5,1%, the EU countries - 26,7%, other non-CIS countries - 12,4%.

In 2008 the oblast enterprises carried out foreign trade activity with 136 countries. Goods were exported to 102 countires, goods from 126 countries were imported.

The main trade partners of the oblast were: Russia (34,3% total turover), Brazil (9,9%), Ukraine (6,7%), China (5,8%), Germany (4,9%), the Netherlands (4,7%), Poland (3,8%), India (2,7%), Italy (1,9%), Norway (1,6%).

The main export goods were: goods of chemistry and chemistry-related industry goods – 53,7% total turnover of export, including potassum fertilizers (52,5%); mineral products (16,5%); vehicles (9,4%); animal produscts (4,2%).

In the import mineral products prevailed – 32,2% total import, including raw oil (31,3%); machines, equipment and hardware (19,6%); non-jeweled metalls and items made from them (11,8%); vehicles (7,5%); products of chemistry and chemistry-related goods (6,3%).

RUE PA «Belaruskali» - the most important producer of export goods

The main goods producers-exporters made more than half of the oblast export: RUE «PA «Belaruskali», RUPE «BelAZ», RUPE «Borisov Plant «Avtogidrousilitel», JSC «Borisov Plant of Auto/Tractor Electricequipment», JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Plant», RUPE «Molodechno Plant of Metall Contructions».

Advance of the goods to the foreign markets was carried out by development of goods-carrying networks abroad. The following enterprises have the largest goods-carrying networks: RUE «PA «Belaruskali», RUPE «BelAZ», RUPE «Borisov Plant «Avtogidrousilitel», JSC «Borisov Plant of Auto/Tractor Electricequipment», JSC «Molodechnomebel», RUE «Borisov Plant of Medical Drugs» etc.

Minsk Oblast Executive Committee concluded 63 agreements on collaboration (including 36 – with the Russian Federation regions, 16 – with Ukraine).

These agreements forecast regular meetings of business circles and exhibitions-fairs aimed at support of the domestic goods producers and advance of the goods to foreign markets.