A modern fire station opened in Logoisk

Today, July 30, the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin and the Minister of Emergency Situations of Belarus Vladimir Vashchenko solemnly opened the new building of the fire station of Logoisk Regional Emergency Service.


This event is significant and long-awaited for the city. The depot will "take under its wing" the residents of Logoisk, 20 rural settlements, as well as many significant industrial and social facilities, including the Silichi ski complex. According to veterans of the district fire service, the old building, where they once had a chance to work, was built a very long time ago, and time, as you know, does not stand still, technologies for providing prompt and high-quality assistance and in case of emergencies are constantly being improved.

Last year, the new facility was included in the investment program of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, and now, after a year of active work on its construction, Logoisk received a modern Regional Emergency Service building, designed to guarantee the safety of residents of the city and adjacent territories. And, of course, to improve the working conditions of the current staff of the regional division of the Ministry of Emergencies.


“I have always had a very respectful attitude towards the lifeguard profession. By risking your life, you save people, save their homes and other property. And make a great contribution to the stability of our country. Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and local authorities value your work very much and are trying to create decent conditions for employees of the Emergencies Ministry and providing assistance to the population. We finance the construction of new facilities, help to update the technical park. So today we are opening a new fire station, which is equipped with the most modern equipment and inventory. I congratulate everyone on the holiday and wish fewer emergencies in our life,” Aleksander Turchin said addressing those present.


A ladder that will save people from a 30-meter height or a ten-story building has become a gift from Minsk Oblast Executive Committee to Logoisk Regional Emergency Service. Also, four Geely cars were handed over to the regional Emergencies Ministry units.


“Of course, this is a landmark event not only for Logoisk, but for the entire Ministry of Emergency Situations. After all, we are talking about the security of our people and the country. And this is the most important thing. Today I look at this depot and rejoice at the conditions that have been created here. Modern equipment, good cars, high-quality protective equipment for rescuers. Our department performs a huge range of tasks, from extinguishing fires and ending with search operations involving aircraft. We employ excellent specialists, so the residents of Belarus can be sure that by dialing the emergency number, they will be provided with timely assistance,” stressed Vladimir Vaschenko.


The opening of the new fire station was an excellent occasion to present the best representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region with Certificates of Merit of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, as well as medals and certificates of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Also, the Minister of Emergency Situations urged people not to be careless about security issues. He spoke about the creation of security centers, which should appear not only in large cities, but also in small regional centers. This initiative was supported by Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, a project has already been developed.


After the ceremony, the head of the central region, the Minister of Emergency Situations, as well as veterans of the district fire service visited the new building of the fire station, got acquainted with the conditions for service.


The head of the fire department №1 Konstantin Lashkevich also appreciated all the advantages of the new depot. “The construction of a modern building is, of course, a wonderful event, but my staff is no less pleased with the new equipment, including a ladder and two tank trucks. It will help us even better provide assistance to the population. It is very pleasant that they took care of us as well. A sports hall and training strips have been created for education and training. ".

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