JSC «Belaruskali» - 17% of global potash

Joint Stock Company "Belaruskali" is one of the world's biggest producers and it is the biggest producer and supplier of potash mineral fertilizers on the territory of the CIS.

Functioning on the basis of the Starobin deposit of the potash salts, PA "Belaruskali" comprises the four mine and refinery complexes, auxiliary shops and servicing units which employ about 20 000 persons.

Each of the four mine and refinery complexes comprises a mine to mine the potash ore and the dressing factory to process it and to produce the mineral potash fertilizers in the form of fine, fine crystallized and granulated concentrate of the potassium chloride. Except this, the Company produces the cooking salt, technical salt, edible salt and feeding salt.

Disposing the sufficient natural base of raw materials, high production potential, highly qualified personnel of workers and specialists, the Company has all the possibilities for the further enhancing the production efficiency, introducing the new technology and improving the technological processes, providing the high quality of all types of operations and the final product.

The system of quality management corresponding to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and the environment control system corresponding to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 are introduced and are functioning successfully in the Company, validity of which are certified by the certificates of conformity of the national certification body BelGISS and international certification body "Bureau VERITAS".

We look with the confidence into the future and we are always ready for the serious mutually advantageous cooperation with our partners. Having concluded a contract with us, you can be sure that the high qualitative produce of the Company will be delivered to the address and to the exactly fixed time.

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