Fabulous New Year's heroes rush to children's social institutions in Minsk region again

On December 25, the charitable motor rally continues, the purpose of which is to give the pupils of boarding schools and boarding schools in the Minsk region not only gifts, but also attention. On the holiday, caring Belarusians will meet with children in Gorodey and Kopyl.

Charitable action “Children of Minsk Region. For peace! For stability! For Belarus! " at it's peak. Early in the morning, everyone turned into real wizards, disguised as the recognizable heroes of everyone's favorite fairy tales. The cars were loaded with gifts - there was a difficult road ahead, almost 98 km had to be covered. And all so that young Belarusians and Belarusians from the Gorodeya auxiliary boarding school and the Kopyl auxiliary boarding school never lose heart and continue to believe in a miracle.

One of the participants in the charity rally, Yevgeny Lavrushko, deputy general director for personnel and ideological work at OJSC Minoblavtotrans, even took his daughter Sonya with him.

- The sensations are wonderful now, we have prepared many surprises for the children. It's good that we organize such events that we have the opportunity to go, congratulate and give the kids the feeling of the New Year, ”says Yevgeny Lavrushko. - In my opinion, children enjoy not so much gifts as attention.

Dozens of cars were preparing to leave the parking lot, but that's not all: the convoy will expand. Regional representatives will join the rally in each district.

In turn, Nikolai Bashko, head of the main education department of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, emphasizes that the action perfectly demonstrates how many people are not indifferent in Belarus.

“Those who want to communicate with the guys, find out their aspirations, and, of course, give gifts,” Nikolay Nikolayevich specified.

The day before, the delegation visited the Rudensk auxiliary boarding school and the Cherven boarding house for disabled children with special psycho-physical development. The children were presented with sweets, toys and certificates for the purchase of sports equipment and school supplies.

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