In Druzhny, a modern garden was opened and the territory around the houses near it was improved
In Druzhny, a modern garden was opened and the territory around the houses near it was improved

The smallest residents of the village of Druzhny, Pukhovichi District, have a holiday on October 7: a new modern day nursery-garden "Vasilek" was opened for them. This floral symbol of Belarus, by the way, also flaunts on the facade of the building - the kids are delighted with such a bright blue composition.

The large family of Olga and Andrey Matsukevich is raising three sons, the youngest of whom, Artemka, is only 2 years old. It is he who will go tomorrow for the first time to the new nursery-garden!

- We have been waiting for this event for a long time. And we see that it is not in vain. The kindergarten is beautiful, bright, playgrounds are admirable - everything is new, functional, modern. We are glad that our Artyomka will develop in such conditions. It's nice that such wonderful objects for children are being built in Druzhny. Our village is large, there are a lot of children: it was rather difficult to arrange the older sons in a preschool institution. And there were almost 30 children in groups. Whereas in "Vasilek" only 15 children will study. Therefore, today is a great holiday for us!

About 10 million rubles were spent on the construction of the kindergarten: the Matsukevichs are sure that this money was well spent:

- When we were at the organizational meeting, we were able to evaluate the content of the nursery-kindergarten. We were impressed! This applies to toys: there are a lot of them, they are modern, bright. A lot of educational material, good furniture in the groups. Generally, when you enter the "Vasilek" - the feeling that you are at home. That is, this is not some kind of government institution, but a dear, warm, bright home. I want to be here! And although Artemka has not seen the kindergarten yet: it will only become a "cornflower" tomorrow - I am sure that he will like everything!

As for the "stuffing" of the nursery-garden, it really boggles the imagination: there is a gym, gym and music halls, a computer class, a security room, research laboratories. The little ones will learn to swim in the pool equipped with the latest technology, and they will get acquainted with the rules of the road in a special hall. There is also an ecological hall in Vasilka, offices of a teacher-defectologist and a teacher-psychologist, a point of correctional and pedagogical assistance are also provided. By the way, there is a lot of interactive equipment in the manger-garden: tables, boards, a sandbox. The guys will study robotics, sculpt and design.

Another feature of the preschool institution is the sensory room. It is not yet fully staffed, but it is a matter of time. During the opening of the nursery-garden, Alexander Turchin presented the head of "Vasilek" Tatiana Ozolin with a certificate for the purchase of equipment for the sensory room. And the general director of "Minskpromstroy" Oleg Dashkevich is a symbolic key from the preschool institution.

The most exciting moment is the cutting of the symbolic ribbon. Olga and Andrei Matsukevichs, their sons Artemka, Romka and Zhenya are entrusted to do this. By the way, it was Alexander Turchin who introduced the tradition that new educational institutions should be opened not by officials, but by children - after all, for them, in the first place, schools, kindergartens and other objects are being built. And the beginning was laid in Stolbtsy: on September 1, future graduates and first-graders opened a new school there!

After the official part, the head of the region and other guests went on a mini-excursion around Vasilka. We visited the swimming pool, the catering unit: after all, healthy nutrition of little Belarusians is above all! We assessed the capabilities of the most classy and interactive nursery-garden room - STEAM-studio "Evrika"; material and technical base of the sports hall, security rooms. In the latter, the children will be explained how to behave in the event of a fire, how to use electrical appliances. The guests also dropped in to the art and creative center "Klubok", the point of correctional and pedagogical assistance, the sports center "Chess City".

As the head of the capital region emphasized, the new preschool institution really became a real gift for all residents of Druzhny. And it is no coincidence that it was "handed" on the eve of October 14, when Mother's Day is celebrated.

- I have already said more than once - this is systematic work, and not some one-time actions. There are also plans to open a kindergarten in the village of Kolodischi, Minsk region, and an elementary school-kindergarten in Molodechno. The school in Smolevichi is also in a high degree of readiness, - said the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. - Also this year we started active construction of kindergartens in Fanipol and Lyuban.

Alexander Turchin also spoke about the development prospects of Druzhny settlement:

- In addition to the kindergarten, we also tried to solve the problems with the improvement of the nearby quarter, made a road, equipped the courtyards so that there was some kind of completeness and logic of our work.

In 2020, for current repairs, work was carried out to equip the courtyard on the street. Chepika, 2. Thus, the asphalt-concrete pavement was replaced, the number of parking spaces for vehicles was increased, children's areas and footpaths were equipped.

- Our next step is the completion of the construction of the hospital in Druzhny. Near the clinic there is a building that began to be built 20 years ago, it then belonged to Ministry of Energy. And since the village has good prospects, its population is growing, we decided to allocate funds for the design and estimate documentation of the health care facility. I hope that next year we will start construction of the medical building of the hospital in Druzhny and will complete it in a short time. Of course, we do not forget about the construction of housing, the renovation of existing facilities: next year we hope to renovate the school, which is located not far from the new kindergarten. In general, we are trying to create a normal social, engineering and transport infrastructure for our people in each district of the Minsk region, - summed up the head of the region.

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