Pellet plant opened in Borisov region

Another significant link has appeared in the structure of Borisov pilot forestry. The pellet plant in Borisov will annually produce 30 thousand tons of products.

An important step for the economy of Minsk Oblast is that the processed wood resources are export-oriented, and this will allow the country to attract additional foreign exchange earnings. In total, 6 pellet enterprises are planned to be introduced in Belarus before June 1. The total capacity of the plants will be about 156 thousand tons of pellets per year. Such a number of factories will make it possible to ensure complete processing of resources within the country, thereby fulfilling the President’s order, which Alexander Lukashenko gave last summer during a working trip to Starye Dorogi region. It was about the need to engage in the sale of low-quality wood, suitable for the production of wood chips and fuel pellets.

During the launch ceremony, the Minister of Forestry Vitaly Drozhzha noted the attention of the head of state to the industry.

“This, first of all, allows us to raise from the forest the entire unclaimed resource, significant volumes of wood. Secondly, this allows for a single production to make a complete closed cycle, i.e. make non-waste production. And, as a result, this is the creation of new jobs, the ability to pay decent wages, as well as increasing the welfare of our enterprises. These production facilities are 100% export-oriented, it is today a “green economy”, and this is the future, ”commented on the construction of new pellet plants Vitaliy Drozhzha. He also said that in the next two years this work will continue in the country, and another 5-7 such productions will appear.

The main export destinations are Scandinavia and Europe. For all production volumes of all six plants, there are already supply contracts. Both in terms of price and quality, Belarusian products can compete with foreign manufacturers. All enterprises to reach their design capacity will receive European certificates.

According to Viktor Amelyanovich, Director of Borisov Experimental Forestry, the plant will be able to achieve self-sufficiency in the next seven years. By the way, Borisov enterprise is one of three whose construction was completed ahead of schedule (the construction of the plant began in October last year).

The production operates around the clock - only 4 shifts of three people. 12 new jobs have appeared here. The first pellets were produced at the end of April, and at the beginning of May the first shipment of finished goods was already shipped to Lithuania - 25 tons. Today, most of the sales are in Lithuania, Latvia, the issue is being worked out, contracts are being concluded with Poland.

What are pellets made from? Viktor Amelyanovich explained that for these purposes the secondary raw materials left from sawing are processed - wood chips and sawdust, which is in demand on the market and must find its application. Another source of raw materials is the remains of harvested wood during felling, this is low-quality wood, which will also be processed and converted into pellets.

In total, as of May 21, out of the 6 planned, 4 facilities have already been successfully operated: in the Pruzhany, Klichevsky, Borisov Experimental and Novogrudok forestries. In addition, the Ministry of Forestry implemented a project to create pellet production at the Kopyl pilot forestry, where they acquired a non-working enterprise for the production of straw pellets and redesigned for the production of wood pellets.

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