Regional News

On October 19, in all regions of Belarus, the republican campaign "Clean Forest" organized by the Ministry of Forestry took place.

With the help of such stations, bicycle enthusiasts will be able to repair their two-wheeled transport right on the spot, i.e. independently and absolutely free.

The Scientists of the Future Competition is the largest competition in research and development activities among high school students.

In Chinese-Belorussian industrial park "Great Stone", in Smolevichi region, a factory opened for the production of internal combustion engines "MAZ-Weichai"

The regional festival of workers of the village "Dozhinki-2019" is always a colorful festival, which is celebrated throughout the Minsk region. This year it will be held in Borisov on the territory of the state sports institution Borisov-Arena.

Borisov prepared for the regional “Dazhynki-2019”

The long-term history of the city on the Berezina was replenished with another important event. For the first time Borisov will host the best workers in the village from all over Minsk. The builders did their best to make the capital of the regional "Dazhynak-2019" prettier for the holiday.

As part of the EdCrunch International Educational Conference, the Second International distance learning competition for children EdCrunch Award OEC - 2019 (Moscow) was held.

Flax harvesting in the Central region

In Belarus, flax harvesting is nearing completion; today 95% of all areas have been harvested.