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95 young specialists await in Volozhin region

The status of a young specialist is assigned to graduates of educational institutions who work in distribution. MLYN.BY found out what bonuses young specialists of Volozhin region can count on and how to solve the housing problem.


25 teachers are needed in the education department, 23 specialists are waiting for agriculture, 15 employees are in the health care sector, 16 are waiting for the military unit, and 11 are in the culture department.

- After obtaining a vocational education, you need to work a year, with a diploma of secondary special and higher education - two (with the exception of several universities and target students, they work for five years). A young specialist can count on the first permanent job. They are entitled to lifting equipment, as well as an allowance for graduates who have received an honors degree. Legislation enshrines provisions under which graduates can count on higher salaries. Employers are interested in retaining staff, so we provide a hostel. If soon young specialists have a desire to find permanent housing, we help with loans or rents. At the same time, we try not to load them so that young specialists feel as comfortable as possible, ”says Vikenty Adamovich, head of the ideological work, culture and youth affairs department of Volozhin Region Executive Committee.

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