A.Lukashenko: it is necessary to evenly develop Minsk Oblast, and not just the “golden lands” between the ring roads


In Minsk Oblast, it is necessary to intensify business activity, create new enterprises, dispersing them throughout the region. This will allow uniform development of all areas, and not just the “golden lands” between the first and second ring roads. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with an asset of Minsk Oblast, BELTA informs.


The head of state noted his special attitude to Minsk Oblast - the capital, the most densely populated region of the country. "One of the main criteria that speaks of the development of the territory is the population. It is growing for you, and after it (albeit a little) the number of people employed in the economy is growing. Today there are almost 700 thousand people," he said. "Such trends are fundamentally different from those that, unfortunately, are observed in Belarus. One can only praise for this."


Alexander Lukashenko noted the absence of critical problems in the field. "But for the new chairman of the regional executive committee, this only complicates the tasks. You know my requirements - it’s unacceptable to rest on our laurels. And that means that the new leadership will have to show even greater positive dynamics. To do this, it’s necessary to fundamentally solve the problems that today hinder the opportunities for additional growth," it.

“Alexander Genrikhovich, you know how to work with business of any form of ownership. Therefore, I demand the intensification of business activity and the increasing contribution of entrepreneurship to the economy of the region,” the head of state said, addressing the governor. “By dispersing new enterprises throughout the territory, you will solve the problem of development uniformity areas, and not just, as the people say, "golden lands" between the first and second ring roads."


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