A new micro-district is being built in Borisov

Public discussions of the third stage of the new microdistrict "Lyadishche-2" have been completed in Borisov. It is being built in the northwestern part of the city and will become a full-fledged building with all the necessary infrastructure.

The new microdistrict will appear next to the already existing "Lyadishche". This is a former military town. It will be erected in three stages. Construction work is already underway on the first stage. The site was prepared and the project of the engineering and transport infrastructure was completed.

First stage of construction

The next stage of this stage is the construction of streets along the perimeter of "Lyadishche-2" and its development. It is planned to build a school and a kindergarten, a polyclinic here, which, by the way, will serve not only the new microdistrict, but also the nearest ones. In the meantime, their residents need to go to the city center for medical care. There will also be a public center, which will be able to accommodate shops, a restaurant, a cafe.

A school and a kindergarten will also appear in the second phase of the Lyadishche-2 construction. There is already an approved detailed plan.

Dmitry Litvincev

- Public discussions have been completed on the third stage of the construction of a new microdistrict, - says Dmitry Litvintsev, acting chief architect of the architecture and construction department of Borisov regional executive committee. - For a month, three residents of the city showed interest in this queue.

Let us recall that the project of the third stage of the Lyadishche-2 microdistrict envisages multi-apartment residential buildings with a total area of 49,503 square meters of apartments, the reconstruction of existing and construction of new streets in accordance with the Borisov General Plan. There will also be built-in kindergartens located on the ground floors of new buildings. It is planned that their occupancy will be about 90 places.

Also, the general plan provides for the improvement of courtyard areas, where recreation sites, children's, sports and economic grounds are planned.

“We are planning to develop landscape-recreational and thematic park zones in Lyadishche-2,” noted Victoria Morozova, head of the general plan department of the Borisovproekt Institute. - On the whole, a full-fledged microdistrict will be formed with good infrastructure and the necessary socially guaranteed services.

In the future, in accordance with the General Plan of Borisov, the road, which the residents of Borisov call among themselves "generalka", will also be expanded, with the arrangement of pedestrian and bicycle paths. From it it will already be possible to go to the main transport arteries. In the future, the continuation of the expansion of the road, which is now being built along Vatutin Street to Hospitalnaya, and there - to "Generals".

The microdistrict should increase by 12 800 inhabitants and more than 150 hectares.

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