Alexander Turchin met with the winners of the “Student of the Year in Minsk Oblast” contest

Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin met with the winners of the regional contest “Student of the Year in Minsk Oblast - 2019”.


The meeting took place in the form of an open dialogue and lasted for an hour and a half. The event was also attended by representatives of the school media of Slutsk region. The guys who received the honorary title “Student of the Year in Minsk Oblast –2019” were able to ask the head of the central region their questions.

“I am sure that Belarus has the opportunity to be realized in all areas,” said Alexander Turchin, opening the event. - And when you face challenges and have any specific proposals, you need to accept them. In order not to regret in the future that he did not take this chance.


Many questions addressed to the head of the central region related to his school years. Alexander Turchin shared his memories with pleasure. He said that he graduated from school with a silver medal. The only four in the certificate are in algebra. At school, I loved chemistry, participated in olympiads.

- For 21 years I have been working in the public service. My first school bell rang in the Soviet Union, and the last in the Republic of Belarus. The president needs to pay tribute to the fact that we have become a truly independent country, ”said Alexander Turchin, answering one of the questions.


A student of Kletsk secondary school No. 3, Polina Grusha, asked the governor what qualities he appreciates in people.

“For me, the main thing is honesty and decency,” said Alexander Turchin. - These human characteristics are important both in work and in simple communication. As a leader, of course, I must have a team of like-minded people. We must understand each other perfectly, then it is easier to accept new challenges and solve problems.


Nikita Branchuk from Vileika asked what the standard working day of the chairman of the regional executive committee looks like. Alexander Turchin said that the average length of his working day is 12 hours. Saturday also becomes a worker, because it is not comfortable to stay home when there is business. Moreover, such a busy schedule has long been familiar to the leader. - There are a lot of meetings with people in the regional executive committee. And this is a definite plus, ”says Alexander Turchin. - But the most important thing is meetings with the Head of State. You need to prepare hard for them. It is very mobilizing the mind. I must be ready to answer any questions of the President.


The guys asked questions about the sports preferences of the head of the region and found out that his favorite sport is basketball.

- What are three things you need to do in your youth in order to succeed in the future? - asked the representative of Lyuban.

- The first is study. The second is the right professional choice. And the third is to decide on your life principles. In life, you always need to remain human, no matter what position you work in, ”said the chairman of the regional executive committee.


During the meeting, Alexander Turchin answered two dozen questions. He indicated that this discussion with the youth elite of the region is not the last. Such meetings will become traditional and thematic in nature.

Diana Valakhanovich, a student at Stolbtsy gymnasium, noted that the dialogue turned out to be very sincere: “So pure emotions remained after the meeting! There wasn’t any official-business style, so strict. The conversation was very friendly, pleasant impressions. I would like to meet with the head more often region. "


Another participant in the meeting, Polina Grusha, who asked Alexander Turchin a question, spoke about her worries: “Emotions are overwhelming me now, because it turned out not just to ask a question, but to communicate with the first person in the region. After this dialogue, there was a huge desire to learn further and develop.”

"The discussion turned out to be really interesting and rich, "said student of the Minsk regional lyceum Anton Filippovich. The young man emphasized that the chairman of the regional executive committee during the discussion touched on topics that really concern young people." We understand that the state sees the need for young people in them progress so that they learn, learn new things, take initiative. A number of issues related to training, the introduction of new technologies in all spheres of life, as well as professional choice. It is important that everyone left in a positive mood, ready to continue to study together and work in the future for the good of the region and the country.”


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