All laurels to the winners: the young leaders of Minsk Oblast awarded

The award ceremony for the winners of the competition “Young Leader of Minsk Oblast” and the competition of projects in the field of implementing state youth policy was held on December 23 in Dipservice Hall.


The competition was attended by young people aged 21 to 31 years old, working in various industries. There were 89 applicants for victory. This year, the best in the competition "Young Leader of Minsk Oblast" were identified in 12 nominations. The winners were chosen in the fields of education, culture, healthcare, sports and tourism, social protection of the population, public activities, public safety, the media, entrepreneurship, utilities, research, transport and communications.

The best projects in the implementation of state youth policy were also noted at the ceremony. Winners and laureates were identified in 9 nominations. Minsk region became the best in several areas at once: crime prevention in the youth environment, supporting youth entrepreneurship, and the Prize for the Charity and Goodness category had to be shared with Slutsk - the choice was too complicated and the jury decided to name two winners at once.


Slutsk region is also actively implementing youth projects aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

For the third year in a row, Soligorsk holds the laurels of the winner in the field of youth employment. But the most patriotic were Old roads. Meanwhile, as the outgoing 2019 shows, it is not bad to find a common language with young people in Zhodino - the city received awards after three projects: development of the creative potential of youth, youth self-government and support for young families. On behalf of the leadership of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, the vice-chairman of the regional executive committee Ivan Markevich congratulated the winners.


The winners rose to the stage in beautiful evening dresses and strict tuxedos. To ensure that this day was not only remembered, a light photo zone worked in the Dipservice Hall foyer, and “living figures” brightened the guests' pastime before the ceremony.

This solemn event impressed the youth. In an interview with reporters, young people expressed their enthusiasm and asked to convey the words of gratitude to the leadership of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee for attention to their young initiatives.

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