Assistant to the President Igor Evseev solved the questions of Molodechno residents

Today, February 4, the Molodechno District Executive Committee is especially crowded. Personal reception of citizens is carried out by the presidential aide - inspector for Minsk Oblast Igor Evseev.


Personally, 22 people expressed a desire to communicate with a representative of the authorities. Each of his sore.

The reception of citizens began with a popular topic - housing. Elena Vasilievna from Molodechno lives in rental housing, in August she applied for social services. However, the woman was refused - her income exceeds the cost of living. Yes, and the rental fee can not be reduced. As an option to solve the problem, the head of the housing and communal services Sergey Bohan proposed the provision of a hostel. According to him, today the price of a room is from 15 to 30 rubles. The chairman of the district executive committee, Yuri Gorlov, added that there are more than 50 hostels in the city. By the way, they don’t want to hire a woman - she is 67 years old. The Assistant to the President also instructed to consider the option of assistance in finding a job.


The second question also concerned social housing, only an already more vulnerable category of citizens - an orphan. Yes, and with the child. While the girl was accommodated in the hostel. Tatyana brought along photos of the room in which she now lives. For 18 years she has been waiting in line for housing. The girl will be offered the option of rental or social housing. This issue was taken under control.

Also, appeals touched upon issues of water quality, water disposal and the construction of deferrization stations. Residents of Meliorativnaya and Gidrotehnikov Streets came with a similar problem. In this part of the city of Molodechno, it is necessary to install drainage networks. If you build a sewage system, then this requires a minimum of 250 thousand rubles. The money will go to 976 meters of pipes that are not included in the budget allocation plan for the year 2020. Mostly pensioners live on these streets - the sum is unbearable for them. Igor Evseev instructed the local district executive committee to collect information about people living at the indicated addresses who are on a well-deserved rest. Assistant to the President will try to help resolve the situation.

Residents of the village of Krasnoye are also worried about water. The Usha River flows and floods the wells. He fears that the water is contaminated with various impurities. On the eve we did a water analysis - the iron index is 0.11 mg per liter. In the spring, according to Konstantin Konstantinovich, the metal content was almost 10 times higher than the permissible norm. The solution to the problem is plumbing. However, highways run close to this area, making pipe installation difficult. Igor Evseev, as a temporary solution to the problem, instructed to consider the possibility of installing water columns.


A certain part of the questions came up on land use. For example, Anastasia Evgenievna asked for help in designing a plot for farming without demolishing an unauthorized construction. According to the applicant, this land is already planned to be allocated for farming. However, the head of the land management department of the Molodechno district executive committee, Marina Chernyak, noted that the decision to allocate the land had not yet been taken. The procedure is suspended because revealed the fact of unauthorized construction of buildings on the ground. By law, land can be provided only after the demolition of this facility. “But the law is the same for everyone,” stated Igor Evseev.


Calculation of pensions, use of a farm building, drawing up an annuity contract, connecting water to a house, pavement construction. All applicants had something to talk about with the leader. Igor Evseev tried to help everyone as much as possible.

Speaking about the work of local authorities with citizens' appeals, the Presidential Aide noted that no matter how this process goes on in the field, people still want to get an appointment with the official. People turn to the administration and get a solution to their problem.

After receiving citizens at the district executive committee, the Presidential Aide will visit Bus Depot No. 4, a branch of Minoblavtotrans. According to the head, earlier there were production issues, now the fleet is being updated. The manager will head to the branch to personally communicate with the workers and to see with their own eyes the situation at the enterprise.

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