BATE received the People's Brand prize

Borisov football club became "the best in the country" according to "People's Brand". This information appeared on the club's official website.


“In 2020, marketing has faced new challenges that have impacted viewership and, accordingly, club budgets. Sports in general and football in particular have learned to live by new rules. All the more valuable was the recognition of ordinary people and fans, who preferred FC BATE in the nomination “Best Football Club of Belarus”. Thank you!

Note that there is no professional jury in the competition for the "People's Mark" award. The choice in favor of the best, in their opinion, brands was made exclusively by consumers - from July 15 to October 15, 2020. It was they who decided who was worthy of such an honorable recognition, ”the press service said.

“The victory in this nomination confirms the high level of support for the club from fans throughout the country. In 2020, BATE became the owner of the Belarus Cup, which also did not go unnoticed by football fans. We are very pleased to receive the People's Brand statuette - this is an incentive to work even harder.

We believe that 2021 will be even more successful for the team! " - said the head of the sales department of FC BATE Sergey Sinkevich.

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