Belarusians increasingly prefer Minsk Oblast products


In Minsk, announced the results of the vote for the award "People's Brand".

Dozens of representatives of leading enterprises of the country gathered in the conference hall of the National Library of Belarus to receive their awards - a sign of quality and consumer confidence. The People’s Brand Award is a competition during which the leading Belarusian trademarks were determined by mass open voting in the media. The title “People’s Brand” allows the winning enterprises to be considered the best in the country based on the opinions of consumers.



Along with the leaders of public opinion are enterprises of the Minsk region. This time, 5 companies from the central region received the People’s Brand Award:

  • CJSC “Mark Formel” - recognition in two categories at once: “Brand clothing store” and “Linen knitwear”;
  • OJSC "Svіtanak" - nomination "Knitwear";
  • KAMAKO enterprise - nominations Mayonnaise and Soy Sauce
  • Branch "Borimak" UE "Borisov combine of bakery products" - nomination "Pasta" for products "Pastoral"
  • CJSC “MOLODECHNOEFURNITURE” won the 3rd place in the nominations “Manufacturer of upholstered furniture” and “Manufacturer of cabinet furniture”.IMG_3064.jpg

Why did these enterprises become truly popular? Everyone has their own answer to this question. Ekaterina Voronchuk, Head of Mark Formel Marketing Department, shared her opinion: “From the point of view of linen knitwear, we are the No. 1 leader in the Belarusian market. We are constantly evolving, trying something new, and it is in innovation that we have no equal. Definitely, many new competitors entered the Belarusian markets this and last year, which we are happy on the one hand, because competition is always a big plus that allows us to develop and move forward, but we always try to be one step ahead. ” The company’s PR manager Olga Shinkareva noted: “We are a brand that hears - we have a good relationship with our customers, and we are trying to implement their wishes.” Mark Formel products can be found not only in Belarus. The company is developing in the markets of four countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan. The plans include access to consumers in Western Europe. The percentage of exports is still small, but it is growing. By the way, this year the company expanded its assortment. In addition to the usual consumer of home clothes and underwear, dresses, family bows and other outfits are now on sale. Also, “Mark Formel” is one of the leaders in employment, mainly due to the creation of new jobs: on average, about four stores open every month.


Popular recognition is also given to what is not only beautiful, but also delicious. And when these indicators are complemented by quality, it turns out “People’s Brand”. The head of the marketing department of the KAMAKO enterprise Natalya Starikovich believes that this high award speaks volumes: “Those who consume our products have confidence in our product - sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises - for many years. “Narodnaya Marka” says that we produce quality products, and the stability of quality ensures us the love of our customers. How many present this Prize, so much we get it - this is the sixth “People’s Brand”. We are constantly expanding the range of sauces - this is a demanding category for new products. The next news can be expected by the beginning of spring. ”


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