Borisov prepares to receive the status of the cultural capital of Belarus

In 2021, the city of large-scale industry will be given a cultural gloss. Borisov is preparing to receive the status of the cultural capital of Belarus and is already making up a poster. By the way, Mstislavl and Glubokoe fought for the title this year. However, it was Borisov who was entrusted with attracting more tourists and revealing the identity. The district center deserves it: it has been in the top 3 in terms of economic indicators for a long time. And besides "bread", here they certainly know a lot about good "shows". Who of us has never supported BATE at least once? This is just one of the associations about Borisov. Medications, cars (by the way, the first in the country), crystal and furniture. What makes the regional center stand out today. And whether there are "chips" in the cultural map, our correspondent Lydia Zablotskaya knows.


Now in the post-Soviet space there are 11 such towers. One of them is in Borisov, a former water tower. Now, of course, it does not fulfill its function, it is an art object with the status of an "architectural monument".

A couple of vertical strokes for the fence around, a little reconstruction - and the Shukhov Tower will become a symbol of the new 2021 for the cultural capital.

Such a status for a brutal city, where literally every square kilometer is an industrial giant, may seem new. In fact, Borisov, back in the days of the Soviets, established himself as a creative workshop. For example, the piano "Belarus", which may be in your apartment, was invented and assembled in Borisov.

Maximum performance is a sign of gigantomania from the Soviet Union. Alas, the collapse affected the numbers. In the same workshops, not only piano keys were assembled into chords. The cymbal strings were also tied together. The perfect sound was provided by engineer Alexander Protko. Today he collects authentic cymbals for a new project: the design has improved the acoustics. A tool with "artisan" status costs about a thousand dollars.

Borisov is also the first city in the world where a 270 square meter painting was woven

For understanding, this is more than two hockey rinks of the Minsk-Arena. "Tapestry of the century" by master Kishchenko got into the Guinness Book of Records. We worked on the canvas for 5 years. Just not far from the central square - the Combine of arts and crafts, where they created this picture. Today there is an idea to create a Museum of the "Tapestry of the Century" within the walls of the plant, and already there to exhibit the canvas on a permanent basis. In the meantime, tourists are looking at another panoramic exhibit. In three fragments by Polish artists, perhaps one of the bloodiest days of the war of 1812. Napoleon suffered massive losses of 40 thousand people 18 kilometers from Borisov - on the Brilevsky field. It was in these locations that the French synonym for Berezina appeared - disaster.

Borisov United Museum is a must see for any European

And they come in hundreds every year. The entertainment program instead of lectures about "little Borodino" - the reconstruction of the battles on Studenka. Whether we will see a battle between cavalry and infantry in 2021 is an open question. But the dance steps for the traditional international ball are already being learned. The epicenter of Borisov's entertainment life has recently undergone perestroika. Now the House of Culture, traditional for each regional center, looks more like a five-star hotel or a republican-scale palace. Large screens and new equipment for vocal shows. There is someone to sing in the city. There are more than two dozen collectives in Borisov, but the educational and production center is one of a kind. These "Voices" are a creative startup from Borisov resident Yegor Kann. To give the native regional center the right tonality and find its timbre are only part of the principles, why didn’t he open his own business in the capital. He painted a business plan himself, invested money in it from his wallet too. No sponsors.

Of course, the cultural capital will provide the stage for Voices from all over the country. At least a thousand vocalists are waiting for the festival.

Borisov will be officially given the status of the cultural capital in February. But the poster has already been drawn up and approved. There are almost 80 events here and most of them are long-awaited concerts. Therefore, there is a good reason to reform Borisov-Arena for a large-scale open-air, so that everyone can sing their favorite tracks. Looking forward to 2021!

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