Children from the family-type house were congratulated by the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin


On December 27, the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Alexander Turchin, who is the chairman of the Council for Enterprise Development, and the deputy chairman of the Council for Enterprise Development, businessman Pavel Topuzidis visited a family-type orphanage in Maryina Gorka. They arrived with New Year's greetings and gifts.


In the large living room near the Christmas tree in the family-type orphanage, the Bozhanov family greets distinguished guests.

Parents Elena and Andrei Bozhanov bring up three native children and seven adoptive children. All children are gifted with love, attention, care, and provided with everything necessary.


In Maryina Gorka, this is the only family-type house. It was created relatively recently - in August 2019. Here they know firsthand about parenting and love for children. Mom Elena Bazhanova was awarded the Order of the Mother, previously she was an adoptive parent in the education department of the local district executive committee. This friendly and large family on New Year's holidays was congratulated by the Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin.


- With great respect, we treat such parents who were able to surround the children with love, and are engaged in a truly noble cause. - noted Alexander Turchin. - New Year is a family holiday. And it’s great when the children celebrate this holiday with their family, and therefore we do not remain indifferent to these events.

The guests presented children sweet gifts, toys, a laptop, educational games and a TV. Now a large family will gather together in the living room near the new large TV to watch movies.

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