Control over the safety of students is being strengthened in Minsk region
Control over the safety of students is being strengthened in Minsk region

In the new academic year, the level of ensuring the safety of children will be increased in educational institutions of the region. As reported in the main education department of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, the matter concerns a number of innovations.


So, now in the daytime specialists of the sphere of security activities will be on duty at schools. In the future, an agreement on the implementation of such activities will be concluded with the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Manual alarm systems will now operate in all educational facilities. And control over the state of the alarms will be provided around the clock.

The innovation will affect kindergartens under construction and reconstruction. Integrated security systems will work in them. At night, a watchman will not work in the building - the institution will surrender to the panic button. A similar security mechanism operates in the Pchelka kindergarten, which was opened in Cherven in September 2020.

Innovations in the field of video surveillance are tested in a school under construction in Stolbtsy. A pilot project on the use of situational video analytics technologies will be implemented. Such systems make it possible to process and analyze images without direct human participation: all the work is performed by artificial intelligence based on algorithms.

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