From 14 to 16 September this year State Traffic Inspectorate of Minsk Region conducts a preventive campaign "Safe overtaking!"
From 14 to 16 September this year State Traffic Inspectorate of Minsk Region conducts a preventive campaign "Safe overtaking!"

In order to prevent and prevent accidents due to overtaking and driving into the oncoming lane from September 14 to 16 of this year. The State Traffic Inspectorate of the Minsk Region conducts a preventive action "Safe overtaking!"


The road does not tolerate risky actions. One of the dangerous and difficult maneuvers is overtaking. Many accidents with grave and tragic consequences arise precisely because of improperly performed overtaking.

Despite the danger of this maneuver, many drivers take very risky actions while driving. Unfortunately, this risk often leads to serious accidents with serious consequences.

It should be noted that this is one of the most dangerous and difficult maneuvers that a driver has to make. There is much to be foreseen here. Overtaking requires not only certain professional skills and experience, but also the utmost care and caution.

Making this maneuver, the driver voluntarily and consciously takes risks. Trying to bypass a passing car, motorists drive into the oncoming lane. They do not always adequately assess the situation, weather conditions, the distance to approaching vehicles. The slightest mistake can lead to an accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers think about it and, alas, they often make mistakes. In each case, these are road tragedies in which people can die and suffer.

Often the reason for "going into the oncoming lane" is the loss of control over the control of the car due to the discrepancy between the choice of speed and specific road conditions, exceeding the set speed or the technical condition of the car. In any case, the severity of the consequences of a head-on collision is very great.

The most difficult moment is to calculate the time and speed of overtaking. Before starting it, you should reasonably assess the situation and make a decision.

The larger the dimensions of the car that the driver is going to overtake, the farther one should go from it. It is also necessary to pay attention to vehicles that are preparing to leave the secondary roads adjacent to the left. Drivers turning to the right usually look only to the left, so vehicles going to overtake in the opposite lane will be a surprise to them. The driver must view the oncoming lane as far as possible: even on an empty road, everything must be done in anticipation of an oncoming vehicle.

Before overtaking, check for a vehicle behind that is moving faster than you. If in front of the driver slows down, do not rush to overtake him: first understand why he is doing this.

Overtaking is very dangerous on sharp turns, ascents, descents, places with limited visibility, narrow sections of the road, the passage of which is permissible only at a limited speed.

Unfortunately, even the most experienced drivers often miscalculate the time it takes to overtake and the distance that an overtaking vehicle will travel. Therefore, it is better not to risk it.

It will not be superfluous to recall that for violation of the rules of overtaking or entering the oncoming lane in cases where it is prohibited by traffic rules, in accordance with Part 9 of Art. 18.13 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus, the driver will be held administratively liable in the form of a fine in the amount of 2 to 10 base units and may be deprived of the right to engage in certain activities for up to 1 year.

Dear drivers! Think over your every maneuver, be careful while driving. Before overtaking, make sure it is safe several times, especially now, in unstable weather conditions.

Information: for 8 months of this year on the territory of the Minsk region, due to the rules of overtaking, 9 accidents occurred, in which 14 people were injured.

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