"Golden" Belarusians: two victories on the final day of the Freestyle World Cup in Raubichi

The home stage of the World Cup ended on January 31. Today, athletes competed in synchronized jumping, a relatively new form of ski acrobatics.

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The qualification was not without troubles. In the Belarusian pair Alla Tsuper/Anastasia Andreyanova, the latter received an unfortunate injury that prevented the athletes from performing in the final competitions.

The second day of the competition was snowier than Saturday. The active white curtain created some difficulties: the slope where the athletes landed was soft due to snowfall. Experienced freestylers know that their legs get stuck in it, it is difficult to feel solid support when landing. The first to feel this was one of the Canadian athletes, who made a mistake on landing. However, there was no injury.

To the delight of the Belarusian fans, the victory in the competition was won by the Belarusian pair Anna Guskova/Anna Derugo. Although 17-year-old Anna Derugo is inferior in experience to her namesake, here she did it with a bang. Impeccably performing the "lay full" element (double straight somersault with a pirouette in the second somersault), simultaneously taking off at the same height, our athletes deservedly received gold medals. The second place was taken by the Canadian-Kazakh couple, the third - by the duet from Kazakhstan.

Among men, Belarusians also took the first place. Pavel Dick and Stanislav Gladchenko performed beyond all praise: landing, altitude, synchronicity - everything was in order in the double full full element. The athletes received well-deserved 92.42 points and gold medals.

The second place was taken by another pair of Belarusians - Maxim Gustik and Andrey Kuzmin. The third place went to the Canadian couple Miko Fontaine and Emil Nado, who managed to bypass our Makar Mitrofanov and Vyacheslav Timertsev.

It should be noted that a number of national teams did not take part in the competitions of the second day. This is due to the fact that some of them immediately left Minsk for the American Deer Valley, where the next stage of the World Cup will take place on February 6.

A month later, in early March, Kazakhstan will host the Freestyle World Championship. We wish our people good luck there, because the performance in our own walls probably gave the guys and girls positive emotions. We believe in Belarusian athletes and at the end of the season!

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