Grand Prix "PRODEXPO-2020" goes to Nesvizh bakers

From 10 to 13 November, the 26th International Specialized Wholesale Exhibition-Fair "PRODEXPO-2020" was held in Minsk, in which the Nesvizh bakery took part. At the competition “The best product of PRODEXPO-2020: Traditions. Quality. Innovations "luxury cake" Nesvizhanka "won the Grand Prix!


At the Republican review of the quality of bakery and confectionery products "Smakota-2020", flour sweets "Canele" also won the Grand Prix, bread "Otrubnaya with flaxseed", toast bread "Nezhensky", cake "Mosaic", honey-custard cake "Marmalade Dream" received gold medals.

Bread is a special product. To bake delicious bread, you need to use many ingredients: flour, technology, equipment. Still, the main thing is skill, the soul of the baker. Without this, no super recipe will succeed. You need to feel bread as a living organism. This is true professionalism.

In Belarus, bread has always been treated as an exceptionally valuable and useful product that must satisfy the physiological needs of a person for nutrients, perform health-improving and therapeutic functions. Every day the Nesvizh bakery produces dietary, diabetic and fortified bakery products. This bread is "Yarmarkochny" ordinary, bread "Pryhazhosts" diabetic, bread "Bran with flaxseed", bread "Skhovsky with bran".

According to individual orders, the enterprise bakes unusually tasty and original pastries that will decorate any festive table - wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, children's-themed cakes.

Thanks to the work of Nesvizh bakers, fragrant and tasty products are delivered to store shelves every day. 35.1% of all manufactured products are supplied outside the region.

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