How to use the tourism potential of Myadel region in a new way, they decided at a meeting of the Entrepreneurship Council

Komarovo in Myadel region is famous for its startups. A business incubator works here, where they are always ready to help "novice billionaires." The business incubator supports and promotes projects of novice entrepreneurs: from creating an idea to its implementation and monetization.


On January 29, a meeting of Minsk Oblast Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship was held in Komarova, Myadel region.

The meeting participants discussed the directions of socio-economic development of this region, taking into account the existing tourism potential of this area. Also affected were the development prospects of other areas of the region (for example, Volozhin, Vileika), which have high tourism potential.


Presentations were made on the importance of advertising content and the popularization of regional brands, discussed how best to improve the ecotourism rating in the region and how to attract potential customers.

As suggestions for improving the process of work, ideas were put forward regarding the general brand of the region. The main idea: Mjadelya farmsteads should not compete among themselves, but, on the contrary, “share” customers.


The deputy chairman of the regional executive committee Nikolai Rogashchuk said that in the Minsk region it is planned to create a regional tourist information center by the end of the year. The structure will primarily deal with the positioning of the Minsk region in the tourism sector. We are talking not only about famous objects - Naroch, Nesvizh Castle, but also about industrial tourism. By the way, the export of tourism services in the region is increasing annually. Over the 11 months of 2019, growth was about 113%, Nikolai Rogaschuk specified.

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