In Minsk Oblast, social infrastructure is being developed

New socially significant objects are constantly appearing in Minsk Oblast, Belarus 1 reports.


So, in the near future a hospital will appear together with a clinic in Zaslavl. Now a complex of buildings is being designed. Also in Borisov, a multi-profile hospital building for children, a blood transfusion station are being erected, and the surgical building of the Central District Hospital is being reconstructed. A new children's clinic is being built in Zhodino. A clinic, kindergartens, a school and a large shopping center are being erected in Smolevichy. In addition, this year the emphasis in the development of the social sphere is made on new kindergartens.

According to Alexander Kruchanov, deputy chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, the construction of 10 kindergartens is planned this year. Partially it will be by September 1, others until the end of the year. This is the Minsk region, Cherven, Molodechno, Ivenets. They will build a pool in Maryina Gorka, which should be commissioned in the first half of the year.

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