In Molodechno, a laboratory for testing on COVID-19 was opened

On the basis of Minsk oblast blood transfusion station in Molodechno, a laboratory for the diagnosis of transfusion-transmissible infections began to work, MLYN.BY reports.


As the head doctor of the healthcare institution Vladimir Svito said, the capacity of the laboratory equipment is designed for 40 samples per shift. If the work is organized in two shifts, then about 80 studies can be carried out per day. The whole cycle from the moment of preparation to the moment of obtaining the result takes about 5-6 hours. The work is very responsible. By the way, according to the plan, it was supposed to earn in July of this year, but in connection with COVID-19 they had to accelerate.

This laboratory is headed by Andrei Vlasikov. Marina Shikolovich, head of the microbiological laboratory of Molodechno Zonal Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, and Natalia Voitekhovskaya, laboratory diagnostics doctor, also work with him.

By the way, the renovation of the premises began in April. The work was carried out in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Belarus “On approval of the Instruction for ensuring the infectious safety of blood, its components”, because from January 1, 2020, blood service institutions need to carry out a “double” screening of donated blood for markers of transfusion-transmissible infections.

But Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Molodechno Region Executive Committee helped to acquire the necessary equipment for equipping the laboratory. However, a new type of research is being carried out here only for patients at the local hospital.

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