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In Molodechno, they plan to build a clinic, a kindergarten-primary school, the Wedding Palace

This was told by the chairman of the Molodechno district executive committee, Yuri Gorlov, at a meeting with the staff of the Molodechno zonal electrical communication center of the Minsk branch of RUE Beltelecom, writes the Maladzechanskaya Gazeta.


Yuri Nikolaevich noted the successful operation of the enterprise. Workers at the zonal site receive decent wages. The organization’s specialists provide a wide range of services to citizens and business entities, including through a video surveillance system. It should be noted that the development of this system helps to reduce the number of offenses and strengthen public order.

The chairman of the district executive committee spoke about the prospects for the development of the city and the region. In particular, in Molodechno, it is planned to build such socially significant objects as a kindergarten - an elementary school, a polyclinic, and the Wedding Palace.

Much attention will be paid to housing construction, improvement of streets and courtyards. It is also planned to strengthen the material and technical base of healthcare organizations, the development of a barrier-free environment and other positive changes.

During the dialogue, communication workers raised a number of issues. In particular, they asked to expand parking lots near the children's clinic and house No. 34 on Yasinsky Street, tidy up the road near the garage cooperative in the area of ​​house No. 10a on Kosmonavtov Street, and repair the bike path between Domashi village and Lebedevo agro-town. All questions are taken under control.

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