In Starye Dorogi forestry, modernization continues

The staff of Starye Dorogi Forestry is betting on the modernization of production and export of forest products. This year, the main industry indicators are increasing. What was achieved by the results of 5 months and what is in the near future - the newspaper "Naviny Stradarozhchiny" writes about this with reference to the director of the leshoz Valentin Tsvirko.


About modernization

“In work, we always adhere to the principle - do not stop there. This helps us to successfully complete our tasks. An increase in production is impossible without innovations. You won’t earn much on old machines and old equipment. Therefore, we began with large-scale modernization and continue it. Modern equipment and machinery have allowed in recent years to double production capacity.

So, in the woodworking workshop, two Walter sawmills process 8 thousand m3 of small-sized wood per year. The second year, the Mebor large-scale timber processing line has been operating. It allowed the leshoz to increase the output of lumber by one and a half times. Its capacity is 30 thousand cubic meters per year, of which 14 thousand high-quality lumber is exported and sold on the domestic market. About 5.5 thousand m3 of highly profitable wood is produced annually in the cylindering workshop for export. The boiler-drying complex also gives good profit. The sale of dried products allows you to receive about 15 euros per cubic meter of export lumber.”

About the Pellet Shop

“We plan to start the construction of a fuel pellet workshop in August. Now the preparation of the territory where it will be installed is actively underway. When the design of the workshop is completed and on hand will be the examination and conclusion, we will choose a contractor company.

We decided on the equipment. It will cost us 1 million 600 thousand euros. A third of the cost has already been paid.”

About production in numbers

“Following the results of 5 months, all the main target and industry indicators rose to the level of the previous year. It was harvested 92.6 thousand m3 of wood (145%). 11.5 thousand m3 of sawn timber (109.5%) were produced, of which 11.1 thousand m3 (106.7%) were sold. Revenues from the sale of forest products amounted to 7 million 594 thousand rubles (127.6%), and from its sale for export received 1 million 497 thousand dollars of profit (128.5%). The profitability of sales amounted to 23.7% against the plan of 5.5%. The growth rate of labor productivity increased by 16.9%.

Much work has been done on reforestation and afforestation. It was planned to create forest crops on an area of ​​560 hectares, and planted a young forest on 924 hectares (165%).” 

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