Congratulations of Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Semyon Shapiro to Workers of Physical Culture and Sport

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:09  |  Written by  BelTA

The role of physical education and sport in modern society is huge

Dear workers of physical culture and sport! Dear athletes, coaches, teachers! On behalf of the Regional Executive Committee cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday - Day of Physical Culture and Sports.

Many events from the Soviet era is preserved in our country. Some of them have evolved a bit, some - all disappeared from the calendar of festive dates, but most - have remained the same. Since July 18, 1939 in Belarus, the Day of Physical Culture and Sports. For seven and a half decades, the holiday has become universal, a holiday for all - for whom physical training and sports are inseparable from good health and high spirits, the opportunity to develop their abilities and the will to win.

The role of physical education and sport in modern society is enormous. Sport brings people of different nationalities, religion and political beliefs makes us strong and helps to achieve your goals. This social sphere of life is aimed at strengthening and preservation of the nation's most important heritage - citizens' health. Health care, first of all, the younger generation is inherently one of the aspects of national security for the state.

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