"Nights in the Bolshoi Theatre in Radziwill Castel" for the sixth time in Nesvizh will be held 26-28 June

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 14:39  |  Written by  BelTA

This year Nesvizh open-air concert with it will, opening a new page of the Belarusian musical history

"Evenings of the Bolshoi Theatre in the Radziwill family castle" will be held for the sixth time in Nesvizh from 26 to 28 June. BelTA learned in the theater.

A kind of summing up the season the creative, wonderful musical weekend in nature, significant phenomenon of cultural life of the country - a festival of opera and ballet in Nesvizh for the Bolshoi Theatre and the Belarusian audience was truly long-awaited and important event, a tradition and a favorite source of inspiration of life.

Every year in the majestic castle of Belarusian magnates, which originated in the XVIII century, the domestic professional theater, the staff of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus is a variety of concerts and recitals artists, opera and ballet performances, including premiere.

This year Nesvizhsky open-air concert with it will, opening a new page of the Belarusian musical history. A special place in the annual program of the festival takes religious music. Concerts, exploring and revealing the formation of the national heritage, held in one of the most beautiful churches of Belarus - The Church of Corpus Christi. Works by composers Edward Gird and Anthony Radziwill, who will be played here on June 26 is closely connected with the history of this sacred place. If the name and merits of Anthony Radziwill - tycoon, politician, philanthropist and composer - is widely known, the identity of Gird was the focus of research recently. In the late '90s to the National Library of Belarus has been given to the musical archives of the Nesvizh church of Corpus Christi. Among the vast array of musical works of different authors were found manuscripts of works by Edward Gird. In the period between the two world wars, he served in the church organist and director of the choir, was a significant figure in the musical life of the city and left many interesting works of religious and secular character. It was his work will form the basis of different genres "Concert of Choral Music", which is preparing for the opening of the festival in Nesvizh choir of the Bolshoi Theatre under the direction of the main choirmaster Theater People's Artist of Belarus Nina Lomanovich.

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