More than 660.000 tons of grain harvested in farms of Minsk Oblast

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 14:17  |  Written by  BelTA

The average yield on the field of grain and leguminous crops is 37.5 quintals per hectare

Reaping the Minsk region has entered a crucial stage, all harvested 177.5 thousand. Ha - a third of grain crops and leguminous plants. At the same time in Slutsk, Soligorsk, Kopyl, Luban, Starye areas threshed more than half of the area.

- Average for the area yield of grain and leguminous crops is 37.5 quintals per hectare, - explained the deputy head of the department of agriculture and crop oblselhozproda Yulia Składanowski. - Indicator pretty good - considering the drought from which particularly affected the crops in the southern regions of the Minsk oblast. And in recent days, when farms started harvesting the most fruitful crops - triticale, the average yield reached 42.2 t / ha. Highest harvested from farmers Nesvizh district - 66.2, Kopyl - 53.2, Minsk - Dzerzhinsk and 49.3 - 48.2 centners per hectare. Almost immediately after the cleaning of grain being pressing and removal from the fields of straw. "Today, straw pressed on an area of ​​almost 90 thousand hectares. More than half prepared so residues removed. It is necessary as quickly as possible to organize the work to make the field for later use, - explains Julia Składanowski. - For many households now conduct planting row crops, perennial grasses, to replenish the food base, some have already begun to prepare the soil for sowing winter rape. "

As for the rape, his cleaning is almost completed, harvested 54.2 thousand. Tonnes of oilseeds, the average yield totaled 18.5 c / ha, or 4 kg / ha less than last year.

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