Minsk Oblast ban on visits to forests

Monday, 10 August 2015 14:26  |  Written by  BelTA

For the past few days in the territory of Minsk Oblast dominates hot weather

For the past few days in the territory of Minsk region dominated by hot weather and, as a promise to the weather forecast, the mark on the thermometer will not fall during the next week. In connection with such weather conditions pose a serious threat of fire in natural ecosystems, so rescuers Minsk region to intensify efforts to prevent fires and the early detection of forest and peat fires. Today, in all parts of Minsk region ban on visits to forests.

During the period of the ban closes all barriers to driving off the road into the woods, where appropriate set signs with information about the ban on visiting forests and responsibility for its violation. Adjudicate local governments to limit or a total ban on visiting, including the entry of motor vehicles in the forest and peat (except for technological transport forestries). On motor vehicles can pass only on roads leading to settlements, as well as to an improved recreation. Bonfires in forests and peatlands for the period of prohibition or restriction visiting forests is prohibited.

In accordance with the "Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Violations": Article 15.29 states that a violation of fire safety in forests and peat bogs, or a ban on their visit, which caused no damage - entails a warning or a fine of up to twenty-five base sizes, and violation of fire safety in forests or peatlands, which caused the destruction or damage of forests or peatlands - punishable by a fine of twenty-five to fifty base units.

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