The "School of the Future" will be implemented in the 2016/2017 school year in all regional centres

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 14:18  |  Written by  BelTA

This was said by chairman of concern "Bellegprom" Nikolai Efimchik

"Today we are at a solemn meeting in the Minsk School №101, which is our patronized. That is why here and implemented the pilot project" School of the Future. "In total, this year it is attended by 725 children from all regions of the country. Next year we plan to that in each regional center will be chosen school, whose pupils will wear uniform clothing business style, and from 2017, we believe that the country must take a single form, "- he explained.

According to Nikolai Efimchika, this does not mean that all children are dressed alike. "Painstakingly our work lies in the fact that even in the same school pupils of different classes can choose with their parents shape to his liking. The main thing is that it will be business clothes, and selection will be for educational institutions. For example, we have a gymnasium, who have their face, image, and with the help of his clothing will only stress, "- he said.

Chairman "Bellegprom" reported that garment enterprises will be able to satisfy any requests of students, to the point that they will embroider logos, emblems, signs on school clothes. "Now we have already logged more than 500 models of business school clothes. All samples are certified compliant with the unified regulations for air permeability, water absorption, in addition, we have expanded artikulat tissue, there poliviskoza, wool, wool mixture - for every taste and level of income" - Mykola Efimchik. In total this year, he said, the company "Bellegprom" released just about a million costumes, some of which went for export to the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.

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