Almost all ronah Minsk oblast started harvesting canola

Almost in all regions of the Metropolitan area started harvesting rapeseed. The turn – crops, but to remove them will be in two weeks when the optimal timing. The number one objective for farmers to harvest without losses and as quickly as possible.

This year the fields will be involved 2 217 harvesters, 87% of them are ready for harvest, – says the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on agriculture and food minoblispolkoma Sergei Yurkevich. By the end of the week, all harvesters will be on line ready. At the moment resolved the issues with the supply of spare parts and repair of engines. I must admit, to work harder, because for the second year is not updated Park of combine harvesters, and equipment write-off occurs. As a result, the load on one unit is about 260 acres. This is the limit. In Vileika and Minsk regions the figure is even higher – around 300 ha. So you'll have to quickly plan the transfer of harvesters between regions to meet deadlines and not to lose the crop. However, preparing grain drying plants, whose capacity is about 180 000 tonnes of grain per day. This will allow to Refine the grain for 15 days (in case it's optimal humidity 18-20%).

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