Nesvizh district grain growers have completed the harvesting campaing the first

The average yield in the region was 57 t/ha, while in the whole Minsk Oblast the figure is closer to 40 t/ha

Nesvizh district grain growers in the area have completed the first harvesting. They harvested 130,000 tons of grain. The average yield in the region was 57 t / ha, while in the whole Minsk region, this figure is close to 40 kg / ha. Suitable to finish the harvest in Slutsk, Kopyl, Kletsk, Uzda, Starye Dorogi and Luban areas. Agrarians of the region is about to grind and a half million tons of grain.

And though these figures slightly lower than last year, in the Nesvizh District happy with the result. As the head of the department of plant Nesvizh rayselhozproda Proskurov Alexander, a crop affected by the June drought. Due to lack of moisture grain could not fully nalitsya, which is confirmed by thousands of smaller mass of seeds in comparison with previous years, although the ear was founded, there was a good density of stalks. However pleased winter triticale - in some parts of the yield reached 65 tons / ha. Alexander Anatolyevich noted that severe weather conditions are not prevented to fulfill the plan for grain threshed. At the moment, the state order is made by more than 80% - in the region are now hand over wheat and malting barley.

The highest yield in the region reached agro "Snov" - 77 kg / ha, the total milled on the farm was more than 21 thousand tons.. Slightly inferior of "New Life" - 75.8 c / ha. It collected 12 121 ton of grain.

A little more than two weeks, farmers took the Nesvizh district on harvesting. However, due to the rainy periods spread out, but it has not prevented to become the first in the central region. But combine harvest is not over yet - they help growers of Borisov and Stolbtsovschiny.

Now Nesvizh district prepared for the sowing of winter rapeseed and winter colza for green fodder. From the fields clean straw, are shallow plowing. The next step - fertilization. Not far off is September 1 - starts cleaning sugar beet. Some farms have already started to clean the early potatoes.

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