About 1.500 guests visited the children's holiday in "Dukorski Maentak"

The sun seemed like a good mood is the best favored ensure that each guest

About fifteen hundred guests from different parts of Belarus was celebrated in the historic Manor "Dukorsky maentak" Children's Day, which was first held here on the eve of the new school year on August 21, BelTA learned from the organizers.

In Dukora be prepared for such an influx of children and parents, organized a real family holiday. Sunny weather is the best favored the fact that there is a good mood in every guest. As admitted later, many of the parents, they did not expect that their children so enjoy active outdoor recreation with a wide choice of entertainment and unusual competitions, opportunities to express their creative talents live, not on computers, on which there are so difficult it is to distract the kids.

It appears that the children of the day debut in "Dukorskom maentak" was a success. This day became the present day family vacation, because most of the guests arrived families, not only in Minsk and Pukhovichi area where the complex is located, and other cities. Classes like there were for all. Professional animators are captivated kids as much as new attractions. A ropes course in the town lined the queue for young guests who wish to show their skill. Many are fascinated riding. Many were willing to work out in the production of national souvenirs and pottery. Again and again sounded favorite fairy-tale houses in speaking the Glade of fairy tales. And, of course, the best photos - in inverted home.

But high school students, and parents do not miss the opportunity to join the history of this amazing region, visiting a museum, which operates within the complex. Many were surprised to learn that here there were such famous historical figures as Ahinskis, Sapieha, Zawisza. Even Napoleon Orda honored Dukora, remembering all the ages in his picture ancient manor. By the way, a reproduction of the work is decorated with one of the halls of the museum.

As the organizers are convinced, Belarus has created all the conditions to revive the historical sites, to breathe new life into them and show the younger generation that our country is beautiful nature, historical sights and good opportunities, including cognitive rest.

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