Lake Naroch entered the top 3 most popular resorts in the CIS Russians

Rating compiled by the search service information hotels

Lake Naroch entered the top three most popular 2016 summer holiday destinations among Russians CIS. The rating is made on the information search service hotels, BelTA informs.

Search Service hotels summed up the holiday resort of Russians in the CIS countries. The rankings are based on search data and armor hotels and apartments from 1 June to 31 August 2016. In the top 5 most popular tourist resorts of the CIS countries entered Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan), Borovoe (Kazakhstan), Naroch (Belarus), Lankaran (Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan) and Sevan (Armenia).

According to the information service, the number of Russians summer travel to CIS countries increased by 10% compared with last summer, and tourists spent an average of 3.6 thousand. Russian rubles per stay ($ 55) per day. In summer the lake Naroch visited by an average of 11 days in Borovoye - for 7 days, in Issyk-Kul - 10 days. The shortest trips made on Lake Sevan - 1.5 days.

In Belarus came to rest mostly tourists from Central Russia and the North-West of Russia.

In addition, Minsk topped the list of the most popular cities in the CIS for summer travel. The top ten included except the Belarusian capital Almaty, Baku, Astana, Yerevan, Kiev, Bishkek, Vitebsk, Chisinau and Tashkent. The most low-town tourists began to Bishkek, and the most expensive - Astana.

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