The election of senators in Minsk oblast will be held in Molodechno on September, 13

This decision was taken unanimously at a joint meeting of the Presidium of Minsk Oblast Council of Deputies and Minsk Oblast Executive Committee

From the central region of the seats in the Senate nominated 8 candidates. Among them - the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Sergei Gaydukevich; Chairman of the Standing Commission of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Regional Policy and Local Self Svetlana Gerasimov; General Director of Open Joint Stock Company "Belaruskali" Ivan Holovaty; Director of the Agricultural Unitary Enterprise "Ozeritskiy-Agro" Smolevichi district Nina Zheleznova; Director of Industrial and Technological Policy and Development Joint Stock Company "Borisov Works of Automobile and Tractor Electric Equipment" - managing company "Automotive components" Alexander Marchenko; Deputy Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Viktor Sirenko; Director of the State Institution "Republican Scientific-Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named N.N.Aleksandrova" Oleg Sukonko; Chairman of the Agricultural Production Cooperative "Agrokombinat Dreams" Nesvizh rayonaNikolay Radoman.

- All candidates - people who are well known in the Minsk region and in the whole of Belarus, experienced leaders, - said the head of main department of organizational and personnel work of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Vladimir Hurynovich. - Two of them - Svetlana Gerasimov and Nikolai Radoman - current Senators whose term of office ends on 18 October.

Council of the Republic - the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament. It is composed of 64 senators. Local councils (and Minsk City) elect 56 members: 8 from each region and Minsk. Another 8 senators appointed by the President.

Elections of senators are conducted on the basis of equal and indirect suffrage by secret ballot at meetings of local Councils of Deputies of the base level in each region and the Minsk City Council. CEC will establish the results of elections of members of the Council elected senators and register no later than 30 September.

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