REGIONS - Luban district: "What qualities should have an MP?"

September 11 Lyuban voters need to decide who will represent them in parliament

September 11 Lyubanschiny voters need to decide who will represent them in parliament. And now the population of the district is actively discussing issues related to the election campaign. What should be a member of the House of Representatives in order to justify the confidence of their constituents? This is what we asked not indifferent to the future of the country's population of our city.

Tatiana, a young mother:

- First of all, the deputy must be a man of good faith - it is the most important thing. The program, with which he went to the polls, they should be necessarily carried out subsequently: for voters to make sure that the one for whom they had voted - a person responsible for their promises and his words with deeds.

It is also important, and the ratio of deputies to the people. He must respect their constituents, to be able to listen to them. Perhaps all this will contribute to an increase of confidence in MPs. It has long been known: how you treat people - and they to you.

Oleg, a resident of Luban:

- The most important quality for a deputy - honesty. And confidence in themselves and their abilities.

If time permits and I will be at that moment in Belarus - of course, I'm going to vote. Because this is a choice we make, and thereby determine their own future. What we choose a guide - and we will live. And it is better to come and express their opinion, to vote for the right person to you, with whose politics you agree to be safe than sorry that he was elected, who you do not like.

Anna Matievsky, pensioner:

- I believe that a good MP - one who is a human being belongs to the people, and they want help. It should be the kind of person who can be contacted for any question and to know that he is sure it will solve.

Tatiana Kostyukovets nurse UZ "Luban CRH":

- First of all, the deputy must have a minimum of leadership qualities. I represent the people's choice wise, experienced and well-rounded person. Since the MP is working for the good of the people and acts on behalf of the people themselves, it is necessary to consider the opinions of their voters know what they need, what their problems and requests. Then he will be able to help the maximum number of people.

Itself I will go to the polls. What I do expect from the upcoming elections? Do not know yet. So far, the candidates considered and their programs are not studied, because there was no time. I would be thoroughly familiar with all the closer to the election itself.

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