Dmitry Guberniev will lead Biathlon Festival "Race of Legends" in Raubichi

The presenter amused the tribunes in Raubichi during the first "Racing Legends" in 2015

Russian sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev will lead Biathlon Festival "Race of Legends" in Raubichi. This was reported today in the sporting event organizers learned from the press center during a special press conference.

Leading factory in Raubichi grandstand during the first "Racing Legends" in 2015. "No problems with the invitation of Dmitry Gubernieva arose we know that he is busy with work, but in a telephone conversation with pleasure has confirmed that he would come on." Race of Legends "and take part in it," - said the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation Yuri Albers.

"Race of Legends" begins on 18 September, the world biathlon star autograph session, which will run from 10.00 to 12.00. The sports festival in Raubichi will participate 37 sportsmen from around the world, among them Sven Fischer, Liv-Grete Poiret, Victor Maygurov Elena Zubrilova and brother of the famous Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Berndalen, who now trains in Raubichi - Doug Berndalen.

This year the organizers have expanded the office of the Belarusian team, invited to attend the Olympic Games medalists Alexei Aidarova and Sergey Novikov. "Last year the race was attended by representatives of the six countries, but would like to expand the geography of the participants, therefore, invited the Ukrainian Andrei Derizemlya and latvian ilmārs bricis who are winners of the world championships. Our famous Belarusian biathletes Vadim Vadim Sashurin and Oleg Rizhenkov receive an invitation to participate as an honorary guests, and in the future they will also be able to get out on the track, "Racing legends" - said Yuri Albers.

Invitation to the "Race of Legends" received the leaders of biathlon federations of neighboring countries. TV Channel "Belarus 5" hold live broadcast of races. The women held 13.45 mass start at 14.15 - for men, at 15.45 famous biathletes will take to the start of the mixed relay.

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