In Zhodino and Dzerzhinsk LED installations operate in experimental mode at pedestrian crossings

Plus of the new installations is that they work on solar powered, so the additional cost of their maintenance is not required

In Zhodino six such units. The very first it appeared a year ago in the street 40 years of October in the unregulated pedestrian crossing. The object was a pilot, was very well tested and proven effective in road safety. If previously there quite often had accidents involving pedestrians, but now - no.

And this year, the city has established a 5 LED improved design elements on unregulated pedestrian crossings: two on the street Gagarina and prospectus of the World and one in the street Soviet. Plants appeared on the road sections with the most intense motor and pedestrian traffic. Next to some of them are educational institutions.

- Stands about a meter in height with motion sensors and LED emitters are located on both sides of the pedestrian crossing. Once a person comes to "zebra", they immediately triggered and transmit a signal to the lights. As a result, they begin to flash, further drawing the attention of drivers, - says head of department of GAI Zhodino municipal police department Police Major Alexander Vishnevsky. - When a person completes the transition roadway lights stop blinking. Thus, in the dark for pedestrians across the road becomes safer.
Equip a crosswalk innovative system warning light costs about 5 thousand. Denominated rubles, reported in Zhodino City Executive Committee. But plus new installations is that they work on solar-powered, so the additional cost of maintaining them is not required. The following year in Zhodino plan to install two more LED pedestrian crossings.

- LED installation work in Zhodino and Dzerzhinsk in experimental mode. If their performance is confirmed and the accident rate on these road sections will decrease significantly, then a similar experience in the future will be distributed throughout the Minsk region, - reported in the management of traffic police Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive.

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