Dukorski Maentak introduces school students to Belarus' history, old crafts

School holidays are a favorite time not only for children but also for the staff of Dukorski Maentak

School students from across the country love to visit the Dukorski Maentak history and tourism center in Pukhovichy District to learn more about the history of Belarus and old crafts, BelTA learned from Ivan Gumovsky, Director General of ZAO Pukhovichy –Agroprodukt, who took part in the project to restore the historic estate in Dukora.

School holidays are a favorite time not only for children but also for the staff of the Dukorski Maentak. Indeed, during this period, the number of young inquisitive visitors increases sharply. Kids from local schools and from other regions of Belarus and even neighboring countries like to visit the museum located on the territory of the center to learn more about the history of Belarus from the example of Dukora. And this is not surprising. These places were visited by representatives of such famous families as the Oginskis, Sapiehas, Zawiszas. The Dukora estate appears in one of the works of famous artist Napoleon Orda. A copy of this painting is a centerpiece of the museum's collection. There is also an exposition of the Szlachta authentic attire and household items.

After a tour of the museum, children like to visit the stables where they can go on a ride in an old road cart. Then they can go see the craftsmen's street with artisans demonstrating traditional crafts to visitors: pottery, embroidery, production of protective charms and wax candles, blacksmithing, and others. And, of course, the most popular site in Dukora is the Upside Down House.

The oldest tree in the noble park is a 400-year-old oak rising from an earthen defensive construction of the early 17th century. The locals believe that one's wish will come true if he touches the bark.

Children love to visit the Fairytale Meadow. There are a number of little pavilions in the Dukora park where visitors can see their favorite fairytale characters behind the glass. Next to each pavilion, there is a bench with a button. Visitors can sit down to have some rest and push the button to listen to a fairytale.

The magical world of winter, the anticipation of the new year – all this creates a perfect atmosphere for both children and adults.

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