The first mechanized secondary resource sorting line will appear in Luban District in 2017

The new line will improve the treatment process of waste management in the region

Mechanized secondary resource sorting line will work in the area of ​​Luban in 2017, BelTA learned from deputy chairman of the executive committee Dmitry Luban dry.

"The implementation of the project deals with RUE" Luban Housing "has already signed a contract for the manufacture of construction documents for mechanized sorting lines It will work on the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill near the village Dubniki and will be the first such facility in the area..", - Said Dmitry dry.

Construction of the line is planned hozsposobom. With the construction of the facility will be used suitable equipment of the agro-industrial complex. Its fit to work at the new site. Among such technologies, for example, potato conveyor. For it will require an additional purchase of conveyor belts. In the construction of the canopy it is supposed to use parts of the hangar, which will be removed in one of the settlements of the district. Construction will require roofing, cladding and extra insulation for working people in it. According to Dmitry Suhana, has designed an object of power supply line.

Deputy Chairman of the Luban District Executive Committee noted that the new mechanized line sorting of secondary raw materials will improve the treatment process of waste management in the region. Now for their separate collection are special containers, operates a mobile collection point, which works directly on the waste paper collection. Partial MSW sorting is performed directly at the test site in Dubnik, but these measures are not enough, said Dmitry dry.

It is expected that the new waste sorting line will start this summer. The active phase of construction will start in the spring. At the same time experts utilities worked waste transport issues from the area. Total line is planned to sort 7 th. Tons of solid waste per year.

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