Pukhovichi Region team is the winner of the Championship of the Republic of Belarus in sport climbing

Minsk Oblast was attended by tems of Borisov and Pukhovichi regions

24-25 February 2017 at the National Centre of Environment and Local History held Championship of Belarus in sport climbing, which was conducted with the purpose of popularization of climbing as a means of physical education of children and youth.

Minsk region on the championship were teams of Borisov and Pukhovichi areas. The children took part in the personal-team competition and showed their sportsmanship in three age categories: 18-19 years of age (born 1998-1999), 16-17 years of age (born 2000-2001), 14-15 years (2002-2003 of the river). Programme of events passing a series of short runs of complex was envisaged - "bouldering".

The strongest athletes revealed the results of competitions. The team won the 1st district Pukhovichi first team place in the age category 14-15 years and II place in the category of 16-17 years.

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