Production of 20 enterprises from Minsk Oblast is recognized as the winner of the contest "The best goods of Belarus -2016"

The enterprises received special awards - "The best in the industry" and "Stable quality"

A high award is not only an incentive for success and entry into new markets, but also a lot of hard work. Traditionally, the leaders - many types of dairy, meat, bread products, as well as knitwear. Enterprises of the region received special awards - "Best in the industry" and "Stable quality".

Distinguished at the prestigious competition and Berezinsky cheesemakers. In the nomination "Foodstuffs" the cheese "Dutch bar" was highly appreciated. Today, the products are sold both in the local trade objects, so they are sent for export to Russia. To achieve high results, the company succeeds and due to the modernization carried out since 2008. This year the Berezinsky branch "Zdravushka-milk" was replenished with a machine for applying latex on elite sorts of cheese.

Well worked last year and the industry of the region. There is something to be proud of and the enterprise "August-Bel" of the Pukhovichi district. Let me remind you that it specializes in the production of plant protection products. As for the competition, it is practically absent from "August-Bela" on the territory of our country. Each year the range of products is expanding. The main sales markets are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and countries of the Far Abroad.

To find its consumer, some enterprises of the region not only rely on quality products, but also occupy specific niches. Such as the production of kosher goods and marked "Halal." This allows enterprises to open new markets. In particular, jam without sugar from the Starodorozhsky horticultural plant will soon go to Israel. With the help of a rabbi, he was provided with a certificate of "kosherness." And as for products for the countries of the Arab world, here they successfully work at the agricultural enterprise "Dzerzhinsky". Halal products will be shipped to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iraq.

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