Nesvizh-made linen, baked goods receive thumbs-up during Days of Belarus in Latvia

The event's important feature was its regional level. Latvia's Auce and Belarus' Nesvizh signed a cooperation agreement five years ago

Nesvizh-made linen and bread were popular with citizens of the town of Auce during the Days of Belarus in Latvia held from 21 to 24 September, BelTA learned from Chairman of the Nesvizh District Executive Committee Ivan Krupko.

The event's important feature was its regional level. Latvia's Auce and Belarus' Nesvizh signed a cooperation agreement five years ago. Since then, their intentions of cooperation in economy, education, culture, and sport have grown to become full-fledged relations between partner cities based on the best traditions of citizen diplomacy.

The solemn opening of the Days of Belarus in Latvia was attended by Belarusian Ambassador to Latvia Marina Dolgopolova and Chairman of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments Gints Kaminskis. They pointed to the positive development of Belarus-Latvia economic, social, and cultural relations and expressed confidence in further cooperation at all levels. According to Marina Dolgopolova, the results of the event open up new opportunities for bolstering cultural and economic ties, give an impetus to the development of new avenues of Belarus-Latvia cooperation. Ivan Krupko and Chairperson of the Auce Municipality Administration Vija Kersus reaffirmed that the partnership between the two regions is reaching a new level. They thanked all the attendees for their close attention to the event.

Nesvizh has prepared for the holiday very thoroughly. A large square in front of Auce's cultural center has seen trade in food products and goods by Nesvizh-based companies. It took virtually several hours for Latvians to buy up the products of Gorodeya Sugar Refinery. Auce citizens commended Nesvizh-made confectionery, baked goods, soap, and also linen presented by the Dobrobyt company. The residents showed great interest in the services of the national historical and cultural museum-reserve Nesvizh.

Another highlight of the holiday was a performance by musical, dance, and theater teams from Nesvizh District: choruses, accordionists, instrumental, vocal, and dance ensembles, a folk song and dance ensemble, and a Belarusian amateur theater team.

Taking part in the Days of Belarus in Latvia was a large delegation of Nesvizh teachers. They got familiarized with Auce's education system, attended model lessons given by their Latvian colleagues in Russian, math, English, culturology, biology, and in arts and crafts. The Belarusian teachers presented the education system used in their district and shared their experience. An exhibition of art works by Belarusian school students and teachers went on display at Auce Secondary School.

Young Nesvizh athletes met with their peers from Auce to play basketball and handball.

Belarus and Latvia will keep strengthening their economic and cultural partnership, and a similar event in Nesvizh will contribute to this process, believes Ivan Krupko.

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