Ukrainian Electrotyazhmash eager to sell electric motors for BelAZ haul trucks

A Ukrainian delegation was in Belarus on 11-13 October

The Kharkov-based company Electrotyazhmash is interested in selling electric motors for manufacturing BelAZ haul trucks, BelTA learned from Ukrainian Deputy Economic Development and Trade Ministry Yuri Brovchenko in Gomel on 13 October. The official took part in a session of the Belarusian-Ukrainian group on manufacturing cooperation.

According to the source, BelAZ and Electrotyazhmash are negotiating the possibility now.

A Ukrainian delegation was in Belarus on 11-13 October. The delegation included a large number of representatives of the real economy sector. Members of the delegation visited a number of mechanical engineering enterprises, including MAZ, Gomselmash, and several enterprises in Pinsk. “In Pinsk we had very productive negotiations on supplies of metal, cable products, matters concerning maritime traffic, and other things,” said the official.

Yuri Brovchenko believes that the potential for Belarus-Ukraine manufacturing cooperation is great. Both sides are interested in working together. “Figuratively speaking, we are doomed to expand this manufacturing cooperation because our nations are neighbors and are very close to each other. We can complement each other well as far as economy is concerned. The Ukrainian market is rather large, including for mechanical engineering products and agricultural ones. Your market is interesting for us, too,” said the official.

Participants of the session of the Belarusian-Ukrainian group on manufacturing cooperation analyzed progress in fulfilling previously made decisions and discussed promising projects. They decided to organize a working visit of heads of major Belarusian industrial companies to Ukraine in 2018.

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