Almost half of business entities in Minsk Oblast pay taxes to the budget in a simplified manner

This was reported in the press center of the inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection, Minsk Oblast

Almost half of the subjects of management of the Minsk region pay taxes to the budget in a simplified manner, the press center of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Minsk region said.

As of October 1, 2017, a simplified taxation system is used by slightly more than 33.100 payers, which is 47.7% of the total number of business entities in the Minsk region. At the same time, 21.700 of them are individual entrepreneurs, and the rest are organizations. At the expense of receipts of payers of this category, 7.4% of the local budget of the region was formed. They contributed to the treasury Br108.4 million taxes and payments.

In total, more than 36.2 thousand individual entrepreneurs are registered in inspections of the Minsk region. From this category of payers of the region for 9 months of the current year, Br45.4 million were paid to the budget, which was 102.7% compared to the level of the previous year. And in addition, Br1.2 million was received in comparable prices. The greatest specific gravity in receipts of payments from individual entrepreneurs falls to the tax with a simplified system of taxation.

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