Over 5,800 districts were formed in order to vote in local elections in Belarus

Most voting dostricts were formed in Gomel region - 1022

In Belarus, for the local elections in 2018 established 5869 polling stations. This information was posted by the CEC, BelTA informs.

Most polling stations established in Gomel region - 1 022, in Minsk oblast 991 was formed, in Brest - 923, in Vitebsk - 798, Mogilev - 749, in Minsk - 711, in Grodno oblast - 675.

Including sanatoriums, rest homes, hospitals and other health care organizations that provide medical care in the inpatient setting, established 250 polling stations; in military frequency - 17.

Elections to local councils of deputies of the 28th convocation will be held in Belarus on February 18. January 8 inclusive last nomination of candidates for deputies. This can be done in three traditional ways - by collecting signatures by political parties and by labor collectives. A citizen has the right to nominate one of the electoral districts in the local council of each territorial level (regional, district and village).

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