Minsk Oblast eager to raise $195m in FDI in 2018

The implementation of major investment projects using FDI will continue

Minsk Oblast intends to raise $195 million in foreign direct investments (FDI) on net basis in 2018, representatives of the Economy Committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee told BelTA.

The implementation of major investment projects using FDI will continue. Those are projects being implemented by Slavkaliy ($49.7 million), Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation ($7 million),  Nesvizh baby food factory, AS Creation Belrus ($1.8 million), and SkyWay Technologies ($1 million).

Apart from that, a number of investment projects will be implemented by companies residing in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. Those are OOO Greitdekor ($21 million, production of materials for woodworking industry and furniture industry), Zoomlion Bel-Rus ($12 million, utility vehicles), China Merchants CHN-BLR Commerce and Logistics Company ($10 million, a logistics subpark), and other ones.

In 2017, Minsk Oblast administration closely followed the implementation of the investment projects, which bring FDI to the region. In January-September 2017 FDI poured into Minsk Oblast reached $196.7 million while the target stood at $150 million. The money came from Slavkaliy ($31 million), SkyWay Technologies ($11.2 million), BelGee ($4 million), Industrial Park Development Company ($3.1 million), and other sources.

There are plans to invest Br4.7 billion in the development of Minsk Oblast's economy and social sphere in 2018 or 103% as against 2017.

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