Minsk Oblast Prosecutor`s Office held inspections in agricultural organizations during spring field work

The prosecutor's office of the Minsk region conducted inspections of the requirements of the legislation on ensuring the security of property, labor discipline and safe working conditions in 117 organizations of the agro-industrial complex of the Minsk region during the spring-field works 2018

Inspections have shown that mismanagement, inefficient use of material and financial resources, inadequate maintenance of labor discipline and safe working conditions continue to occur. Managers and specialists of a number of farms do not take the necessary measures aimed at the speedy and high-quality field work.

In the course of the inspection, it was established that the Berezinsky, Borisov, Vileika, Volozhinsky, Krupsky, Slutsky, Smolevichi, Uzden and Cherven regions are provided with inadequate amounts of mineral fertilizers.

The fact of improper organization of storage of mineral fertilizers in one of the farms of the Dzerzhinsky district is established. The export of organic fertilizers at the farms of Borisov and Krupsky districts was slow.

The violations in the part of the use of agricultural machinery and the preservation of inventory in some farms of Borisov, Lubansky, Nesvizh, Slutsk Cherven and Uzdensky districts were detected.

In some enterprises of Borisov, Kopyl, Krupsky, Nesvizh, Slutsk districts violations of labor discipline, non-observance of the legislation on road traffic and rules for the operation of vehicles, as well as fire safety rules were revealed.

In order to eliminate violations of legislation during spring field work, prosecutors of the districts of the Minsk region addressed to the heads of farms and organizations of the agro-industrial complex, regional executive committees, prepared 50 acts of public prosecutor's supervision, according to the results of consideration of which 13 persons were brought to administrative, 35 - to disciplinary responsibility.

The prosecutor's office of the Minsk region submitted a presentation to the Minsk regional executive committee.

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