The mobile application, invented at school, explains the laws of physics

Resource center of educational robotics was visited by the finalists of the III Republican contest "Information and mobile technologies for the educational process" from the State Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 11 of the city of Slutsk" Timothy Stambrovsky (Grade 10) and physics teacher Dmitry Chernov. They invented the mobile application “RiBFoP”, which explains the laws of physics in simple language and with the help of a robot

The application "RiBFoP" is designed for students of the seventh and ninth grades. Teachers, using the application and the robot, can easily tell about the trajectory, the path, time, uniform and uneven movement and laboratory experiments.

Timofey and Dmitry Valerievich demonstrated the work of the application to the teachers of the Department of Informatics and Informatics Teaching Methods Frantskevich Alexander Alexandrovich and Kozlovskaya Kristina Ivanovna.

Our teachers concluded that the application was developed for the Android system and allows experiments on some topics of the school physics course using robotic devices based on Lego Mindstorms EV3. The advantage of this work over analogues is that the application interacts with robotic structures necessary for carrying out a laboratory experiment.

Topics studied through this application: “Trajectory, path, time”, “Uniform motion”, “Uneven motion”, “Definitions of gravitational acceleration”, “Determination of absolute and relative errors of direct measurements”, “Acceleration measurement with uniformly accelerated body motion”.

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